Orders are placed with real fisical stocks, this means that it is always immediately if youhave the product available for your customer, our warehouse is updated in real timeand for us all customers are the same value, so: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! This is the basis we work on.

With YOUR account you can easily place orders by adding products to your cart.

Products can be found in the following states:

  • In stock (product available with delivery in 24 hours),
  • Out of stock(there is no product stock and we are unable to estimate the nextarrival)
  • On pre-order (product sold momentarily but in the course of procurement "newproduct" that has not yet been released to the market).
If a product has no stock, you can pre-order it so that when stock arrives, we can notify you and proceed with the shipment.

Usually the "Pre-order" products are best sellersthat have sold out (and we are waiting for new arrivals) or they are novelties whichhave not yet been put on sale. We try to have a large number of items in stock to avoid delays.

It should be noted that orders are placed with real stock so you know immediately if you will have the product for your customer.
  • Immediate product supply
  • Reduce storage costs, buy when you need it and in the quantity you need
  • In stock we have a vast assortment of products ready for delivery
  • On our B2b site you can place orders and requests at any time and day and night any day of the year
  • Extensive catalog
  • Clear prices
  • Always updated product information
  • Easy online shopping
  • Very fast management times
  • Delivery times in 24/48 hours
  • Savings on shipping costs, we can ship to your company or directly to yourcustomer's door, you will decide for each individual product, and for eachindividual order.
  • Newsletter with news, restocking and great offers
We do not like to make money and "do business" on shipping costs, so our site is ableto calculate the shipping cost of your order based on the real weight and volume of theproducts purchased, then the buyer will choose whether to use our affiliated couriersor use your shipping agent and collect the order at our warehouses.